It is interesting what unforeseen requirements can open up. 

Acquiring some textures and textiles for slowly building up props and provisioning for potential studio work, got me to tethering, a set up not required until now.

These photographs are done with natural light from louvered windows. Tethering allowed for a controlled set up and very low shutter speeds and ISO value for optimum image quality. I used an old faithful companion, NIKON D300 on tripod with 50mm lens. f1.8 at 1/6 shutter speed.

I used some textiles I purchased the same day as subject to experiment with the new dimension that is available to familiarize myself. Textiles placed simply on a chair about 1 meter away from very defused natural light that hardly pass the louvers outside and camera a further 1 meter away from the subject and USB cable plugged in to computer and running the tether via Lightroom.

I particularly enjoy the atmosphere the light gave to the texture and sense of the textiles. It is exactly what I aimed for to illustrate the natural tones selected and wanting to represent comfort and warmth, which will be their purpose once used, in studio or on location, depending on the clients.