You see it all the time and they leave you frustrated with your own work. You do not know where to find the right place, with the right atmosphere, light and good enough character to give your photos that edge to even start practicing how to get the same results.

I stumbled across La Mula in Rafaela - Santa Fe, when I listened to Brian Taylor (great band and music style is unique), which happens to be that kind of place to gain experience in exactly that.

The study of light is taking me on an interesting journey and is really taking my photos in a new direction. It is also leading me into a new revealing sobering reality. "What is the actual behavior of each lens?".

NIKON 35mm f1/8 1/40sec ISO 800

NIKON 105mm f2/8 1/60 sec. ISO 800

We all have seen multiple videos and they all say "shallow depth of field, go small f-stop". What they don't say is longer focal length compresses your image. Meaning? Technically (and feel free to comment and educate me since I am working on a "practice and learn" principle")  in the two above images, if the principle of small f-stop was (in it's simplest form) complete, then why is it that with a 35mm lens at f1/8 so much more is in focus than a 105mm at f2/8? Distance between the objects are relatively the same. Compression?

This is an import characteristic to take into account depending on the photo you are taking and the results you hope to achieve. For portrait I would love to use 105mm (it is what I have at the moment. Saving up for more) but the environment does not always allow to get that far away from my subject if I need a full body frame.

Get out there and practice and play with lenses before the pressure is on you at an event to get the money shot, just to find out afterwards the settings on camera was perfect and the image could have been even better if....

And that is the part I try to avoid, the "If only..."