Redondo en Boca, a wine specialist in Rafaela, Argentina, hosted a photographic competition and the description to the photo translates

3rd PLACE "Always Invited"

My representation on the theme was inspired by the age old presence of wine in society. It has a timeless history and involves a delicate process in the making. Those who have already acquired an appreciation for it's sophisticated flavors, find themselves lured to it's mysterious "secrets" contained in each bottle.

Simultaneously for those who are yet to comprehend the art of wine making and the depiction thereof in flavor, find themselves tempted to, if at least once, taste.

There is a perpetual invitation poised by wine. It's prominence and importance throughout society makes us all curious, connoisseurs and spectators alike. 

So what is behind the making of the photo?

1. A two hour photo session (a bit less than what it takes to make wine).

2. Leg cramps (from tip toeing on wobbly stacked crates to catch the light falling of the arched roof.

3. A very proud third place (ironically the third point on the list) in the competition.

It was taken in a small storage room in the basement of a local restaurant. I played with the white balance setting more than any other variable. The accent light on the bottles is from an existing controllable spot light, which also had a slight conflicting tint to the mood I was trying to capture. The light I loved to hate that day. It emphasized my subject but in the wrong color.

I realize more often than not, professional photography involves problem solving. That is, if you know what you are trying to achieve. With a clear vision comes a greater awareness when things are of target. The problem solving bring things back on track.

A rewarding process. Almost like wine making!!

My respect and appreciation to the wine makers around the world and thank you once again to Redondo en Boca for the opportunity to express our work as photographers. 

A toast to third and may this not become a rule but, next time, a second or first place!!