We have an expression that, when translated comes down to "When the opportunity is there, do not take it for granted".

In the event of festivities, every aspiring photographer has such a unique opportunity to give themselves a go at studio photography at very low if not no cost at all. All they need to provide is dedication, initiative and willingness to attend as many shows as possible.

Rafaela City, Argentina is celebrating their 134th birthday with an array of spectacular shows exhibiting local talent, which I may add could easily compete with international top artists. What was captivating is the passion each artist displays for their particular activity. This make the photos you get, so much more soulful and rich, with the added bonus of vibrant studio lights playing around the artists, altering the mood and quality of light all the time. 

It is also a ripe harvest for very effective promotion of your own work and business. Social media is a busy hive of activity of sharing and curiosity during these events. It also provides you with an open door to contribute to society and give something back. Find the organizers and artists and provide them with photos to show your appreciation of their hard work.

In essence, you get the to add imagery to your portfolio with character, great lighting setups and upgraded photography skills and techniques. The value of contributing to community also count high for my personal values and ethic, whether personal or work related.