At all times, learn some more. / by UNCAPPED PHOTOGRAPHY

Reoccurring theme born from reoccurring conditions. Short notice invitation to go on a excursion photographing classic cars on location. Ironically, both invitations thus far, are on subjects I have absolutely no experience in. We use the same equipment despite the subject, so... count me, I am in.

My current quest is to intentionally learn and study light, and it occurred to me that, for the years I have owned a camera, I focused on "learning and understanding my camera". Which is very beneficial. It sure helps to be comfortable and confident with your equipment when placed on the spot. What I didn't realize is, all this time I was adjusting controllable variables on my camera in response to the light conditions. How I would like the given factors to render on my camera sensor.

The point I am trying to make is this, I devoted a lot of time to camera knowledge and, only now that I purposefully pay attention to light alone, I start to see a difference in results. It feels like I have spend years focusing on "grammar" as an example, where I could have started with creative writing a long time ago. The rules do not change, but light does. The faster you set shutter, the less time you give light to travel trough the lens. The wider the aperture during the allocated time, the more light can pass through for that duration (at the trade of for depth of field of course). These variables can be defined scientifically. The true variable each time you rotate that dial, is light. A threshold so many before me have crossed. But why did it take me so long?

No regrets and no looking back. No time wasted. What I learned today is that overcast can be amazing. Depending on what you are photographing, today might have been the first day that I was comfortable to know it is an overcast day. I imagined the light as an affordable, free for all, open studio.

Even I know these are not top of the range car photos. What does excite me personally about these images, is what it represents in terms of light, shadow, reflection, and a jumble of exciting characteristics captured on the camera sensor. The gradient of tones which I most likely would have failed to recreate with all the equipment available to us as photographers (if we have the budget of course).

Each lesson learned builds on the next opportunity that awaits. My lack of skill in painting has forced me on an adventurous alternative journey.

Still so much to learn.