Hard work has a strange, timeless, rewarding kind of feeling. To spectators you are merely pressing a button and "the camera does the job". Truth is, it is just a tool. Hours of precedent light studying and conceptualizing your style and possible ways of achieving your desired goals, all charge up in your neurons, concentrate in your finger tips and, THEN you press the button.

In this particular shoot, I wanted to respect the processions and remain discreet and promised myself I will take photos without looking at the LCD screen. It was a very conscious choice towards improving my photography as well. To challenge myself to pay attention and study what I want to capture and what story i want to tell, and then "let the camera do the job"

I may add, the less subtle shutter release on my D300 also contributed favorably in making me choose carefully before pressing that button (next time i will take my D7000, so we learn). another added subconscious bonus to this approach is, you reach your manufacturers shutter count "dead line" a lot slower. The music was performed by very talented artists so there was plentiful quality entertainment in between each calculated "press of the button". (Friendly tip - If you are going to photograph at an event where there is already a main attraction, consider switching of the auto assist focus lamp (which blinds the artist each time you focus towards them) and the additional sound indicators that your camera is in focus).

On that note, I have learned a lot from the evening and look forward to the next event.